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The following are some reactions to the "Raider Room" site from various people who have visited it and appreciated all the work that went into it. If you would like to express your appreciation for this site, just click on the "Contact Us" button on the left nav bar and then click on the link to e-mail Ray Py. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Omwony-Ojwok (Œ67) Uganda, Africa 6/14/02
(Omwony was an AFS student in 1967. He is now a deputy minister in the office of the President of Uganda in charge of that country's program to fight HIV Aids.)

Just to thank you for the very informative update regardin all the projects in progress. The Raider-Room website keeps me in spirit with Wauwatosa despite it being thousands of kilometres away from my home in the heart of Africa! It was so great to open the page and listen to "Hail Wauwatosa!" Thank you very much.

David Plunkett (45) Slinger, WI
Thank you for the D-day emphais on Raider Room and Norm's Radio. I remember that day so well. I walked into Mille Wrights" Ancient history class and she had written across the entire front black board
--------------------------------------------YANKS INVADE NORMANDY!
It was such a big deal for all of us. I cannot believe that so many years have gone by. Of course, Miss Wright's classroom was in the old building of Tosa. Most of my classes were in the old building that year except for chemistry, and American history.

Ray, thank you for sharing your Omaha Beach story with all of us. My cousin is the former city manager of Bedford, Virginia, and was deeply involved in the planning of the D Day Memorial that has been built in Bedford. Bedford is the city that lost more sons per capita than any other city in the US. Almost every family in that little town was touched by loss in the D Day invasion. That is the reason it was chosen as the site of the memorial.

I visited Bedford during the construction of the monument. I hope to get back to see it now that it has been completed.

Again, thanks for your wonderful story of Omaha Beach.

Nancy Jones

I imagine this was moving. A fraternity brother of Al Schwin "Tosa '53 and I at Uof W Madison is Steve Ambrose who wrote some best sellers including "D Day, Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldier and others. He really has captured the oral history of the time. His books and conversations with him have really brought it to lfe for me. Those men were an incredible generation and represented an incredible nation. Unfotunately Steve only has about six months to live according to the doctors, We're all pulling and praying for a longer stay because he working on several more books about the War.

Bob Becker

Ray, thank you for sharing this. My father died December 2002 from cancer and heart disease. Veteran. Thank you.

Shari Weinstein--school district office

Dear Ray, Thanks for "Life goes on after Omaha Beach." As we look forward to our 50th reunion, the message speaks loudly for all of us.

Marsha Simonson


This is beautiful writing. My father in law--now almost 92!--landed on D-Day + 2. When Jeff was born, the Red Cross called him back from the front lines where they were engaged in pretty heavy fighting to give him the news. He returned to his comrades and said that it was a shame that he'd never live to see his son. Well...he made it, with several purple hearts, and he's been part of Jeff's life for nearly 58 years! Amazing. We are hoping to get to Normandy one day to see this for ourselves.

Today would have been my father's 100th birthday so the ghosts are all around us.


Ray, What a treat that you shared this with us. And, you write extremely well.

Pegi Puerner

It was a great article you wrote. It was extremely moving. As a member of a generation largely sheltered from the storms of war due to the efforts and self sacrifice of those who have gone before us, it's always fascinating (at least to me) to get a glimpse through the eyes of those who paid so dearly. Only recently has my generation been forced to consider the costs of the freedom we enjoy. Your article told a story that really brings home the feelings of a generation who gave so much for the cause of freedom. It was inspiring. Thanks much.

your Raider Room webmaster, Jared Ponchot

Thank you Ray, for sharing this poignant aperçu of that critical moment in your life. It is amazing how a moment in history will bring you suddenly into communion with another life.

Caroline and I visited the shrine to children in Hiroshima on Easter Sunday, 1999 with our daughter Beth. On that sunny, breezy day, the lightness and colour of the many origami paper birds fluttering on the montage opened us to the reality of the frightful destruction visited upon a generation of children some 54 years previous. I, too, stood transfixed in tears for our collective guilt. The touching words of the little girl in whose honour the shrine was constructed seared their way into my soul - she would construct 1,000 little paper birds and then she would be relieved of her painful malady .... Alas, that was not to be .... but her legacy has reminded millions of the fragilities of human life and the fleeting beauties we might capture.
As ever,

(Charlie) Michael Lanphier

Ray...thank you for sharing your visit to Normandy...very moving! I think you should send to the Journal. Your experience needs to reach and hopefully affect others. Don Schmidt
That was beautiful, Ray! We really enjoyed reading about that and hearing of your experience. You really write beautifully!
Thank you

Shirley and Carl Shrubbe (neighbors)

Ray . . . thank you for your poignant story of having visited
Normandy, and please accept my condolences on the death of your

I have spent a lifetime dictating surgical reports, letters to
consultants, and business letters . . . and greatly admire someone
with the gift of concise and cogent writing.

Don Amsler



Pat Kelly ( 53 ) New York/Florida May 22, 2002

Hi Ray,
Just noticed your comments about Longfellow's great basketball teams. Although I wouldn't "bet the farm" on my memory these days, I do think the poor boys from the other side of the tracks (Hawthorne) took Longfellow TWICE in 1950. Then again, maybe that was a dream I had one night. Best regards, Pat Kelly>

Naomi Johnston Collins (54), Pueblo, CO May 18, 2002

Hi Ray & Carol,
Just to say thanks for the emails & the Raider room website gets better all
the time! It was a thrill to hear the "Hail Wauwatosa" song & very emotional!
Brought back lots of memories - Also that is a very good band! Thanks for
all you do! Your friend, Naomi

Anita Jacobson (53) Milwaukee, WI May 18, 2002

Thanks, Ray!! That is wonderful. Sang right along as the tears formed!! Love it!

Mary Osgood (53) Denver, CO May 18, 2002

Hail Wauwatosa was so much fun to hear and the cheering too. I was singing along and thought if Susie Wegener was here with me we'd be marching around the room, waving our banners high.

Richard S. Wheeler, (53) Livingston, MT 5/4/02
Ray, those were gracious remarks at the WWII ceremony at the high school. I'm glad you are shepherding all this. A school not only instills civilization in future generations, but it looks to its past, to those who were shaped by it, as we were shaped by a high school that was regarded as one of the finest in the country.

--------------------------Regards, Richard

Richard S. Wheeler, Tosa class of 1953, is a multi-award-winning author of over forty novels about the contemporary and historical American West. His latest release is Masterson, winner of the 2000 Spur Award for Best Western Novel. A former newspaperman and book editor, Wheeler resides in Livingston, Montana. He recently was awared the prestigious Owen Wister Award for 2001 the highest honor bestowed upon authors by Western Writers of America. He is also a three-time winner of the Spur Award, given annually for the best writing about the West, and has been a finalist on numerous occasions. Wheeler has lived most of his adult life in the West, residing in Arizona, California, Nevada and Montana. He worked as a newsman in those states before turning to fiction. In 1985 he abandoned career employment as a book editor and turned to full-time writing. He has written over forty novels since then, many of them highly acclaimed by reviewers across the country, and has been called the dean of western fiction. Click here and visit his web site for a great photo, good bio, and list of all his books.

Robert Berger Lynch, Esq., Tosa '48
Dear Norm, Carol, and Ray, Thank you for reminding us of who we really are!
Presiding Judge, Bisbee Municipal Court, Bisbee, AZ
Major, U.S. Army, Retired

Amy DeLong-Wallace (75) California 2/12/02
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy visiting your Raider Room Website. I graduated from "East" in 1975, and also attended Hawthorne. The old school and tower were all there when I began high school, and I had the privilege of having German class in the tower my second year there. I also had homeroom on the third floor all three years, so they must have closed it after that? Seems to me like the third floor was, as you have said, science (Mr. Voltz's room at the top of a short flight of stairs), band, and math. I spent many hours in Dale Hidde's theatre...I met some of my best friends there. I love your passion for the past, and commend you on a job well done. Though we have lived in California since I graduated from high school, I still think fondly of Wauwatosa and the happy years my family spent there. Keep up the good work!

Mary Lentzner Lefevre 2/10/02
I am a 'TOSA GRADUATE of 1943. I remember the paddle you have a pictured on the "What Is It?" page. I remember using it may times as a hall pass.

Jo Ann Schubert Schmid (54) 2/20/02
The web site is fascinating. I'm new to the computer and having fun checking out all the information and thrilled to know that there is so much interest in the 'old school' -- looking forward to the 2004 reunion. Thanks for all your hard work. Jo Ann Schubert Schmid

Nancy Archie Weir (’51) Noosa Heads, Australia 2/2/02
Well done! Great site for all us Tosa fans. I was class of '51 and did spend a number of well remembered hours in that basement room. I enjoy the site immensely - just love all that down-memory-lane bit. May you long continue.

Omwony Ojwok (‘67) Uganda, Africa 1/30/02 [Omwony was an AFS student in 1967. He is now a deputy minister in the office of the President of Uganda in charge of that country's program to fight HIV Aids.]
Just to acknowledge and give you all the encouragement in your noble adventure. Although I am thousands of kilometres away in the heart of Africa, I feel very much part of Wauwatosa Community and therefore of the initiative. As you soldier on know that I am with you and all your colleagues all the way!

Anita Jacobson (’53) 1/29/02
I was pleased to get a call from the Wauwatosa Historical Society saying that my Red Arrow Sweater was or will be on display in the new area there the school! I graduated in 1953 and look forward to my up and coming 50th Class Reunion. I went to my husband's 50th at Tosa summer of 2000 and had a ball. We really enjoyed the tour given to us at Wauwatosa East while we were there. Will pass on your web site address to many other Tosa grads that I keep in touch with. Thanks alot!

Chris Van Cronkhite (’77) 1/17/02
Thanks for the Raider Room web site. I'm a class of 77 grad. Was pretty involved in school and have a lot of memories - all kinds - of my school days. I didn't think I'd respond to a site like this but you've done such a fine job, it really hooked me in. Today, I'm the president of a large children's national publishing company and I appreciate your ideas and presentation. I like the idea of an ongoing hall of fame. I think it gives current kids goals AND pride in their school and teachers. Keep up the good work.

Allan Meyer (’54) 1/16/02
I was a 1954 graduate and have been thrilled to go through the web sight. It brings back memories. My congratulations on all the work that has been done by all the people involved. I know it was and is a lot of work. One summer I work for the City of Wauwatosa and was on the crew that painted the Raider Room. The one "freebie" we had was the free playing of the juke box while we did the painting. I remember the Raider Room as the “Red Raider Room.” Just my imagination or was the name changed?

Glen Mueller
(‘54) 1/15/02
Great work! The Web Site is terrific. I’ve been able to contact some people I haven't talked with for years. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Barbara Canter Torppa ( '54) 1/12/02
Thanks for the directions to the wonderful Tosa website! Thoroughly enjoyed viewing the photographs (much nostalgia!) and the copy brought back many memories. You Ray, Carol and others need a big round of applause for the fabulous work you've done and the countless hours you've spent doing it!! I've put the Tosa Website on "My Favorites" list and I'll touch base frequently to keep up with all the goings-on. Thanks for the memories, Barbara

Nancy Ware Beard (53) 1/10/02 I've been going over the class directory. It's amazing that more names and
faces are coming back in my memory. I can't believe you made the changes so quickly. I read that you put a commemorative plaque at Hawthorne Jr. High. What a beautiful school that was!

Don Hoffman, '54,
Ray and Carol, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. And MANY THANKS for all the great work on the reunion, class directory, web site, historical preservation efforts, etc. See you in 2002...

Lynn Tyler Fell, '54,
I am already planing to attend the 2004 reunion. Maybe I can lead a group of Europeans back to 'Tosa. At least Kerstin (Andersson '54) should come with me. Wow, I'd forgotten all about "Hail Wauwatosa," but I discovered I could sing it all the way through. No one here can appreciate those songs but me, but it was fun to sing them for my own enjoyment.

Marilyn Jessen Jahn, '54,
In looking at that mural fragment, I found some reference to it in the Oral History Archives of American Art in the 1965 Charlotte Partridge Russell interview. She was head of the Layton School of Art. She mentions a student named Forrest who did a mural at "Walatosa" and she says that a reproduction of it was in Life magazine the year he died. This should be possible to find. How exciting. Cheers, Marilyn.

Janice Krenz Mathwig, '54,
Ray and Carol, thanks for all the work you have been putting in to the history and reunion. I enjoy reading your updates on things. Thanks again. Janice.

Mynnette Sheller Wilson '51,
I appreciate all you are doing and enjoy reading about it. Thanks for taking the time and energy. Hail Wauwatosa, indeed. Mynette.

Katherine Atwood Laycock,
Thanks for all the juicy news. Since I spent a great deal of time on stage with Mr. Dawe and Mr. Hagen and Miss Borchers and Mr. Bucholtz, I have an interest in the "prop room" and know that can be a treasure heap. Thanks.

Jo Marie Moerschel Paul '54,
Greetings. Just wanted you to know that I am getting your emails and am very impressed with all you are doing on behalf of Wauwatosa High!!! Such enthusiasm and hard work. Good for you and good for us. Get some rest.!!! Joe Marie.

Michael Lanphier, '54, lanphier@YorkU.CA.
Ray--fantastic! I'm wondering whether there's anything to see (at the high school) when the reunion comes. The lesson (of renovation) is a hard one that repeats itself everywhere. People (janitors) who don't live history, disregard it. One can't be everywhere--we were building careers, launching families. No one was available to watch the store. Both our girls attended high schools in Toronoto that are similar in design (with Tosa), with tower etc. One of the schools is alsmost a carbon copy of (then) Tosa! They are still in tact, and I pass by in the car a couple times a week, reminding (ad nauseam) Caroline when she's with me, that they look just like my old high school.

Arlene Halligan, '54,
Ray, I hope you are retired and have a great pension fund, otherwise I don't know how you could get so much done in a day. Good work, once again!

Glen Mueller, '54,
Hi Ray, Hey guy, looking good. Keep up the good work. I'm impressed!!! GM.

Bruce Cozzini, '54,
How well I remember the Raider Room. I've thought of it often when my kids were in high school and they had no such place for activities. It may have been a barely decorated basement, but it was kind of a second home to a lot of us. Bruce.

Nancy Baehler Jones, Did Not Attend Tosa,,
Is the Tosa lobby open to the public while school is in session? I would love to see your exhibit. Also when is the mural restoration to begin? That's going to be wonderful. I look forward to seeing it completed.

Peggy Dawe Miller, daughter of Dick Dawe, Tosa art teacher and stage director,
Great picture of the lobby, circa 1940. I remember going to the high school (with my Dad) on many a Saturday mornings when I was little. I just loved the whole feeling of that old building.

Robert and Sonja Hansen '54 Rickert '54,
I just received the Raider Room web site. You have obviously done an incredible job at reconstructing some of our very precious past.

Bernis Moskowitiz Kretchmar '54,
Great page, and have enjoyed catching up on the class of '54. Happy healthy holidays to you and to Carol.

Jim and Pat Barrington, '54,
The web site looks great!!! Thank you for making it and all those old memories return!!

Rodger Hoffmann, '54,,
Ray, I am sending a note to say thank you for your labors. I appreciate the information you sent to me. I will be talking to you soon. Rodger.

Phyllis Mittelstaedt Drescher, '45,
Congratulations on the nifty web site. Are you sure that the photo (Raider Room) was from 1946? The reason I ask is that some of the girls look very familar from my class--the class of '45--Jean Cronin and Donna Sholts. A few others look familar but I can't recall their names.

Lois Labus Steliga, '54., (President of Travel America)
I always read your messages. I envy you your writing skills and wish I had that same ability. Just let me know what we can do for you with the reunion. The trolly tours would be a wonderful to do. We have two of the best city guides working for us.

Mary Osgood, '53,
Thanks for all the work you are doing on behalf of 'Tosa and keeping the alumni informed. I love the web site and copied the Raider Room article for my family history album. You are way ahead of the class of '53 on your reunion plans. I know there is a committee working hard on our reunion and we have a date. I can't complain since I'm not there to help. Thanks for your holiday greeting. Keep up the good work. Mary.
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